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Preventative Health

Aug 13, 2018

This podcast is hosted by Dr Shivi Rayar where she interviews Owen Robinson on the topic of adolescent mental health, substance use and family domestic violence. Owen is a counsellor who has a background of management of a branch of Relationships Australia, has worked in community adult mental health and as a school counsellor. He was a former vice-chair of the Eastern Region Domestic Violence Regional Committee in 2006 and has had an active involvement in a range of family and domestic violence initiatives over several years. The podcast covers signs of a mood disorder in adolescents, contributing factors to a mood disorder and substance use as well as the impact of family and domestic violence on an adolescent. In addition, sources of assistance in these areas are covered in this podcast.

Resources of some of the statistics quoted in the podcast:

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (based on the National Youth Information Framework Indicators data) (Last updated: 8/9/2015)

Other resources:

Mental Health Emergency Response Line number - 1300 555 788

Headspace: young person-friendly mental health service:

Crisis care: 9223 1111

Next Step Drug and Alcohol Services:  08 9219 1919

If homeless: Entrypointperth: 1800 124 684

Women's Domestic violence helpline: 9223 1188

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